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‘Squirrels’ is a very important print for me. It was the first multi-layered coloured lino cut that I made for Kate Smith Prints. I made ‘Squirrels’ simply because I love squirrels! I live in the New Forest, and although I only get to see their less popular grey cousins, I’m still inspired by their cheeky charm. I often print them in different colourways so if you have any requests then please let me know.


‘Squirrels’ has been created with hand mixed water based relief ink printed onto Somerset Satin 100% cotton, acid free 250gsm paper. This paper has a beautiful buttery soft finish and a deckle edge.  


The dimensions of the print are 20 x 20cm and the dimensions of the paper are 30cm x 30cm.


Each image is hand printed and is therefore completely original. The charm of this technique is the individuality that it produces in texture and colour and will always be limited to a small print run. 


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